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    lejimon 5 years ago

    I have an Officejet 4500 wireless that it is an amazing machine with a wonderful software but it has a handicap that renders it useless. You can not do a mailing or print a single envelope. All the intents I have made to print an envelope of 175x120mm, the envelope got stack in the back door. Funny, one of the simplest spare parts. If that gets confirmed and you should check it if you have not done already.
    The solution is simple and it would renders HP a huge valuable publicity: to make a new back door design as soon as possible, with two or three rows of leading wheels that could properly guide the envelopes. To mail one to every registered client completely free to replace the old one. HP will benefit a hundred times the cost of the operation and clients of 15 years, like me, rather shaky at moment, will still remain more faithful. The hidden profit of the operation will be enormous.